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Features Every Website Security Platform Should Have

Features Every Website Security Platform Should Have

Every website security service provider has different features and pricing. Some include protection and monitoring, while others charge fees for malware removal. Here are the features to look for in a website security provider.

1. Detect Security Issues

If your website has been hacked, you want to be the first to know. An intrusion detection platform (IDS) will continuously monitor your site looking for indicators of compromise (IoC). This includes malicious changes to your website content, files, and database. A good website security scanner will alert you when your site is blacklisted by search engines or suffering downtime and can detect changes to your DNS or SSL records.

2. Prevent a Future Hack

A website firewall keeps your site protected against brute force attacks, data breaches, and attempts to inject content into your web server. A complete website security system will offer a firewall that virtually patches security holes and hardens server settings. By detecting and blocking known hacking methods and behaviors, you can preserve your website integrity and avoid a security incident.

3. Incident Response

If your website has been taken down or hacked with harmful content, it helps to have an incident response team on hand. With professional security analysts and malware removal tools, a hacked site can be recovered with minimal disruption. A reliable website security team also gives you peace of mind when you have security questions or concerns about your website.

4. Disaster Recovery

In order to ensure the availability of your website, it’s critical to have a backup plan. Even if your website is secure, a misconfiguration or mistake can lead to data loss. Only a backup can save you if your custom files are overwritten or tampered with. A website security provider can offer secure remote storage, automatic backup scheduling, and an easy recovery process.

5. Performance Optimization

It’s important to consider how a website security system might impact performance. Fortunately, plenty of website firewalls include a content delivery network (CDN) that stores copies of your website in multiple locations for faster global access. This speeds up your website and keeps visitors happy while reducing the load on your web server.

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